Week 2 NFL Betting Card

Season Results: (3-0) +3.75 Units

The card will be updated throughout the week. Stay tuned for new additions as numbers change.

Week 2

Cincinnati Bengals 0 (+100) over San Franciso 49ers (-120)
1.50 Units to win 1.50 Units
*** Currently -1 at -110. No difference in strength. Wouldn’t be shocked to see this reach zero again.

Green Bay Packers -2.5 (-110) over Minnesota Vikings (-110)
1.10 Units to win 1.00 Units

Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5 (-110) over Seattle Seahawks (-110)
1.37 Units to win 1.25 Units

In-Game Wagers (Halftime)

Detroit Lions +3.5 over Los Angeles Chargers
0.82 Units to win 0.75

Washington Redskins +10 over Dallas Cowboys
0.82 Units to win 0.75


Week 1

Green Bay Packers +3.5 (-110) over Chicago Bears (-110)
1.65 Units to win 1.50 Units

Buffalo Bills +3.5 (-110) over New York Jets (-110)
1.37 Units to win 1.25 Units

Houston Texans +7 (-110) over New Orleans Saints (-110)
1.10 Units to win 1.00 Units

AAF Fantasy Rankings PPR (ROS)


Projected Starters

1. John Wolford
2. Garrett Gilbert
3. Luis Perez
4. Logan Woodside
5. Josh Woodrum
6. Philip Nelson
7. Christian Hackenberg
8. Matt Simms

QB’s to keep an eye on

9. Aaron Murray
10. Alex Ross
11. Brandon Silvers
12. Matt Linehan
13. Dustin Vaughan
14. Zach Mettenberger
15. Mike Bercovici
16. Trevor Knight
17. Blake Sims
18. Austin Appleby
19. Marquise Williams


1. Jhurell Pressley
2. Akeem Hunt
3. Trent Richardson
4. Ja’Quan Gardner
5. Zac Stacy
6. Joel Bouagnon
7. Kenneth Farrow II
8. Branden Oliver
9. Tarean Folston
10. Ladarius Perkins
11. Denard Robinson
12. D’ Ernest Johnson
13. Aaron Green
14. De’Veon Smith
15. Paul James
16. Larry Rose
17. Justin Stockton
18. Terrence Magee
19. Matt Asiata
20. Rajion Neal
21. Terrell Watson
22. David Cobb
23. Lawrence Pittman
24. Trey Williams
25. Tim Cook
26. Akrum Wadley
27. Terrell Newby
28. Ryan Green
29. Ty Isaac
30. Brandon Ross


1. Charles Johnson
2. Mekale McKay
3. Quinton Patton
4. Rashad Ross
5. Malachi Jones
6. Brian Brown
7. Fabian Guerra
8. Kenny Bell
9. Seantavius Jones
10. Jalin Marshall
11. Dontez Ford
12. Reece Horn
13. Francis Owusu
14. Demarcus Ayers
15. Greg Ward Jr.
16. Richard Mullaney
17. Kayaune Ross
18. Adonis Jennings
19. Amba Etta-Tawo
20. L’Damian Washington
21. Josh Huff
22. Alonzo Moore
23. Ishmael Hyman
24. Tobias Palmer
25. De’Mornay Pierson-El
26. Jordan Leslie
27. Chris Thompson
28. Alton “Pig” Howard
29. Ervin Philips
30. Justin Thomas
31. Marquis Bundy
32. Freddie Martino
33. Kameron Kelly
34. Rannell Hall
35. Bug Howard
36. DeVozea Felton
37. Quan Bray
38. Dres Anderson
39. Nelson Spruce
40. John Diarse


1. Gavin Escobar
2. Anthony Denham
3. Gerald Christian
4. Cole Hunt
5. Nick Truesdell
6. Connor Davis
7. Thomas Duarte
8. Charles Standberry Jr.
9. Scott Orndoff






AAF Fantasy Rankings (PPR)


Projected Starters

1. Garrett Gilbert
2. Luis Perez
3. Josh Woodrum
4. Aaron Murray
5. John Wolford
6. Christian Hackenberg
7. Logan Woodside
8. Phillip Nelson

QB’s to keep an eye on

9. Trevor Knight
10. Dustin Vaughan
11. Zach Mettenberger
12. Alex Ross
13. Blake Sims
14. Mike Bercovici
15. Matt Simms
16. Austin Appleby
17. Marquise Williams
18. Matt Linehan


1. Trent Richardson
2. Akeem Hunt
3. Joel Bouagnon
4. Jhurell Pressley
5. Ja’Quan Gardner
6. Zac Stacy
7. Kenneth Farrow II
8. D’Ernest Johnson
9. Denard Robinson
10. Branden Oliver
11. Tarean Folston
12. Ladarius Perkins
13. Aaron Green
14. Terrence Magee
15. Justin Stockton
16. Rajion Neal
17. Akrum Wadley
18. Larry Rose
19. Terrell Watson
20. Matt Asiata
21. Tim Cook
22. Paul James
23. Trey Williams
24. De’Veon Smith
25. David Cobb
26.Ryan Green
27. Terrell Newby
28. Lawrence Pittman
29. Ty Isaac
30. Brandon Ross


1. Charles Johnson
2. Mekale McKay
3. Fabian Guerra
4. Kenny Bell
5. Malachi Jones
6. Brian Brown
7. Freddie Martino
8. Amba-Etta-Tawo
9. Francis Owusu
10. Demarcus Ayers
11. Adonis Jennings
12. Josh Huff
13. Seantavius Jones
14. Jalin Marshall
15. Kayaune Ross
16. Dontez Ford
17. Reece Horn
18. Ishmael Hyman
19. Greg Ward Jr.
20. DeVozea Felton
21. Marquis Bundy
22. L’Damian Washington
23. Justin Thomas
24. De’Mornay Pierson-El
25. Sam Mobley
26. Quinton Patton
27. Bug Howard
28. Alton “Pig” Howard
29. Josh Stewart
30. Laquvionte Gonzalez
31. Rannell Hall
32. Rashad Ross
33. Kameron Kelly
34. Jordan Leslie
35. Demore’ea Stringfellow
36. Quan Bray
37. Marvin Bracy-Williams Jr.
38. Montay Crockett
39. James Quick
40. Dres Anderson
41. Nelson Spruce
42. Darius Prince
43. Devin Lucien
43. Richard Mullaney
44. Chris Thompson
45. John Diarse


1. Gavin Escobar
2. Cole Hunt
3. Busta Anderson
4. Brandon Barnes
5. Thomas Duarte
6. Charles Standberry Jr.
7. Anthony Denham
8. Scott Orndoff
9. Bryce Williams
10. Adrien Robinson
11. Braedon Bowman
12. Austin Traylor
13. Cameron Clear
14. Ben Johnson
15. Garrett Hudson
16. Matt Weiser


1. Nick Novak
2. Nick Folk
3. Nick Rose
4. Elliot Fry
5. Yonghoe Koo
6. Josh Jasper
7. Donny Hageman
8. Jimmy Camacho


1. Memphis Express
2. Orlando Apollos
3. Arizona Hotshots
4. Birmingham Iron
5. San Antonio Commanders
6. Salt Lake Stallions
7. San Diego Fleet
8. Atlanta Legends

KSI vs. Logan Paul – Who Will Win?

On February 3rd, 2018, Olajide William “JJ” Olatunji (better known as KSI) took on fellow YouTube personality Joe Weller at the Copper Box Arena in Hackney Wick, London. On Youtube, the fight generated 21 million views and proceeded to grow to over 25 million in the next several days, making it the biggest white-collar amateur boxing match in history.


KSI, who was the bigger man of the two, used his height and reach to keep Weller at a distance throughout the fight and eventually put a stop to the action with 1 minute and 30 seconds left in the third round. It goes without saying that with it being an amateur boxing match between two YouTube celebrities that the fight wasn’t always the most technically sound thing to watch. KSI demonstrated great movement in the two and a half rounds we got to see out of him in live action, but his hands remained too low at times, and he did take some shots from the smaller Weller. All in all, however, the fight was a great success, and KSI was awarded the inaugural YouTube Boxing championship belt.


KSI’s victory celebration was short-lived, and it took him little time to call out who he wanted next. He got onto the mic after the fight and called out Jake Paul, Logan Paul or any of the Paul’s to be his next opponent. The challenge that KSI issued spiraled the internet into a whirlwind of drama and it was announced on February 24th, 2018 that Logan Paul would be squaring off against KSI on August 25th, with both of their younger brothers fighting each other on the undercard.


KSI KSI 2.jpg

Experience means something in boxing, and they don’t call it the “sweet science” for nothing. Even if there has only been one fight in KSI’s career, he has spent more time thinking about angles and movement, which is something he had to put into a game plan when he faced Weller. KSI’s greatest strength is his movement, and if he is in shape for a six-round fight, the 25-year-old will hope to run circles around the more stout Paul in the ring.

Logan Paul


Logan Paul has a wrestling background, which saw him place fifth at a state-level high school tournament. KSI’s advantage of performing in front of a crowd could be somewhat mitigated because of Paul’s experience competing in one-on-one situations. However, the 23-year-old isn’t going to carry the size advantage that was once thought. Paul comes in at two inches taller than KSI, but his weight advantage has been moderated. Paul weighed in at slightly under 190 pounds, and KSI weighed in at 187.

Who Will Win?

ksi vs logan.png

Let’s be honest; this is amateur boxing, and neither guy has had enough training in their lives to become technically sound enough to overcome their weaknesses. Weight isn’t going to be an excuse for why either guy wins or loses, and I think it ultimately comes down to two main things. It remains to be seen how Paul is able to defend himself , but from the KSI vs. Weller fight, I can safely say that unless KSI has improved dramatically in the last six months, he is going to have issues with Paul’s aggressive come-forward approach. If Paul can walk KSI down and make this a phone booth fight, he will ultimately wear down the Englishman and possibly be able to pull off a stoppage.

Assuming this fight will be fairly judged in KSI’s country, which isn’t a given, KSI’s only foreseeable path to victory is to keep this fight at a distance. He needs to jab and move and physically exhaust Paul. Kind of like how he did against Weller. The problem is Paul is a different animal, and it hard to imagine that KSI will be able to keep him away for six rounds.


Logan Paul fourth-round TKO


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